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Welcome to my website. It was created to inform congregations seeking ministerial leadership about my professional skills and a little about my personality to discern where our shared interests align.

Larry Smith


My style in ministry is probably best understood as collaborative and pastoral. As minister I do provide leadership and spiritual guidance, but also providing some degree of vision for what we, as a religious community can accomplish. Though I might have a vision for the congregation, I accept that for the vision to succeed it has to be embraced by the majority in our democratic polity. I believe that though the minister is the spiritual leader of the congregation, the priesthood and prophethood of all believers inherent in our movement means that all should be empowered to pursue their own sense of vocation with the religious community. Ministry is, therefore, something we share as individuals and as a gathered congregation.


My mission in ministry is to bring more people to Unitarian Universalism, to deepen their spiritual lives within our movement, and to empower and encourage them to change the world. I am a growth-oriented minister. Encouraging and nurturing congregations to change and thrive has been the goal of my ministry.


The Subtlety of Water
"We Remember What It
   Means to Be Irish"

Fear Itself
Lessons from the Edge
I'm Here to Recruit You
Child Dedication Service
Memorial Service
Wedding Service
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