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Dedication of Sylvia Jingmei Jones


The ceremony in which we now share is both ancient and timeless. In all parts of the earth, and from the earliest days of recorded history, parents have brought forth their children at an early age to a place of worship, sharing their joy and dedication with those of the wider community.

With that in mind, I invite the Jones family to come forward.

Jan and Marsha, in presenting your child at this service you invite all of us to share some of the joy and responsibility that is yours as parents.

You seek our support in your dedication to the task of fostering, with love and guidance, the fullest unfolding of the personality of your child.

Child Dedication

You are trusting us to share with her the religious values, ethical beliefs and spiritual understanding of this sacred community.

Would the godparent please come forward.

Andrew, there is an old Jewish proverb that says, "In time of travail, go to the friend of your father, go to the friend of your mother." From this ancient wisdom comes the idea of godparents, special people who dedicate themselves to watching out for the welfare and spiritual life of another's child.

In our complex world it is not possible for even the most loving and capable parents to raise a child alone. You have been asked to share the wisdom, counsel and love that you have with Sylvia Jingmei.

You have also been asked to provide her with a safe place for Sylvia Jingmei should she ever need extraordinary support.

Do you then, to the best of your abilities, intend to share in her spiritual and ethical upbringing and provide her with support should she face extraordinary need? If so, say, "I do."

May this commitment be a blessing to your life.

Act of Dedication

In the Unitarian Universalist tradition the act of dedication is the welcoming of a child to his or her religious community. Our church is, in effect, dedicating itself to the sharing in the religious life of this child.

Let us therefore turn to the responsive reading found on page 714 in your hymnal. Please stand as you are able.

(Responsive Reading)

You may be seated.

And we bless you now, Sylvia Jingmei Jones;

Our child, we would hope for you that your days be filled with joy and learning. May you be a blessing upon this earth. May we be enriched by your presence. May you find in every moment a reason to give thanks for this world and the life that you have been given. May you know the beauty of the mountains and the shore. May the perfect beauty of the forests, for whom you have been named, always touch you spirit. May you look up at the stars at night in awe at this universe. May you find love and know that you are loved. So be it.


We have welcomed and blessed Sylvia into this sacred community. We have also dedicated ourselves to her this day. May we be worthy of this sacred trust. May we mold our lives more and more in accordance with the beauty, truth, goodness and love we wish for the life of Sylvia Jingmei Jones.




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